The Power with Grace

The Power with Grace helps you reach your highest potential for your health and wellness with live fitness and on demand classes.

Health and fitness

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Capitalize on the increasing demand in digital fitness classes by transforming a new brand into a scalable membership video platform.


Content strategy

UX design

UI design

Platform integration


Delight new customers with free YouTube content as a way to drive premium video content. Once customers experienced the joy of PWGs free videos, it was easy to graduate them into subscription plans and provide on-demand content.


25%–35% subscriber growth month over month during the first six months.

Mapping the membership experience

A video membership site focused on live or pre-recorded on-demand fitness classes required several significant components. The most important being the integration to the membership platform and the journey mapping for members and non members. Each member type was able to view a different sequence of pages and a member dashboard. To create an enjoyable membership user experience, I had to run through all possible scenarios of how customers would use the site, such as: what should a member see when they first log in, and how does that experience differ on a computer, tablet, or smartphone?

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