Rocket & Rex

Rocket & Rex provides waterproof dog pad accessories as well as chew toys for small to medium sized dogs.

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As a large, successful brand on the Amazon marketplace, an effort to elevate brand photography was needed, to create visual consistency across all products and all sub brands. This brand image was necessary for the next level of growth.




The vision was to keep within the honest, playful nature of Rocket & Rex, and enhance it further with exciting splashes of color and playfulness. Careful consideration was applied to the use of dotted, circular lines and amorphous shapes.


Unifying imagery for brand impact

With several products and variants available to customers, it was important that all images for all listings be produced with the same visual consistency. Achieving a cohesive look meant being disciplined with design systems: from color palette to line thicknesses, and font sizes to dimensions of graphical elements—every product image for every product needed to follow the same guidelines. The result: a cohesive brand perception that makes Rocket & Rex appear as a reputable brand as opposed to another third party seller.

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Jillian White