Onedersave sells water purifying products for personal aquareium and commercial aquatic environments. Made from volcanic rock, their products purify water using beneficial bacteria.

Pet products

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Redesign a decade old website to include a modern aesthetic and user interface, more robust ecommerce user experience, and fulfillment automation with third party fulfillment centers and vendor platforms.


Content strategy

UI design



Reimagine the site from the ground up in order to communicate what the product does, and how it works. The majority of customers are home aquarium users, so it was important to highlight the benefits and ease of use.


Consumer and commercial products

Onedersave has product lines for both consumer residential use as well as large scale environmental projects. By leveraging the large scale projects, they served as a form of social proof, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product itself. For everyday consumers, it was easy for them to see the benefits of the product, as it eliminates one big problem that many home aquarium owners neglect: tank and water cleanliness.

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Shinzo Saiki