Mavens Creamery

Featured on season 10 of ABC's Shark Tank, Mavens is the largest Northern California manufacturer and distributor of premium macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Food and beverage

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Showcase the products of their brand through various lifestyle photo sets. Maven's uses all natural ingredients in their sandwiches and they wanted to celebrate that and excite their customers. Video produced was in collaboration with Olive Theory Media.




Images produced for the website were used to beautifully present the ingredient profile of each flavor. From product listings to lifestyle imagery, only key ingredients were captured to bring out the personality of each product.


Imagery produced was used to qualify their application to Shark Tank and promote their business on national television.

Enhanced imagery to make a national impact

The macaron intrinsically is a fun, aesthetic product, and it was important to show off each product flavor with color, and exquisiteness. As a national brand, Mavens needed several assets to visually enhance their image across multiple channels. Pictures, cinemagraphs, and video were created to prepare for their television appearance on Shark Tank as well as debut their second flagship product, macaron cheesecake sandwiches.

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Gwen Nguyen