Maurice, Phelps, Ferrer, and Associates

MPFAA provides strategic business planning and scaling for contingency workforce companies and small businesses that build their reputation on great customer service.


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As a referral-based business, MPFAA needed a destination to serve as a point of contact, where prospective clients could learn more about its services, and read business articles about tips and strategies.



Content strategy

UI design


Create a simple website demonstrating high level business strategies offered for all businesses, large and small. MPFAA loves working with diverse clients and that was a point to express through copywriting and imagery.


Recognized for reputation and excellence

The site was targeted towards warm prospects coming from direct referrals. These prospects were already prepared with basic knowledge about the founder, Jeff Phelps. Therefore it was important to keep the site lean, with high level service information only, and a mention of industries served. Due to Jeff's customer service excellence and growth leadership, he was a primary reason new prospects sought to become MPFAA clients.

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Jeff Phelps