Doctor Multimedia

Doctor Multimedia is the highest rated medical marketing company in the world that provides cutting edge digital strategies for doctors & medical practices.


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Create a landing page to promote their new referral program and encourage prospective Doctors to contact via the chat messenger.


UI design

UX design

Platform integration


Traffic to this page came from Doctor referrals, therefore it was imperative to re-emphasize Doctor Multimedia's credibility and social proof of excellent service.


For the first month of launch, an average of one new client has signed up per day

Being intentional with calls to action

Doctor Multimedia converts clients through a two step process involving first email, followed by phone conversations. As doctors are very short on time, eliminating response lag time was an important strategy. We linked all buttons on the page to trigger an integrated chat widget—the fastest way for clients to speak directly with the marketing consultants, not bots. This real time communication was critical to Doctor Multimedia's sales process.

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Jared Bond

Marketing consultant