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Here's what to expect throughout the process.

Future payments will now be set to auto-charge and all calls and form submissions will go directly to you. Read on below for some key things to keep in mind.

Here's what to expect throughout the process:

Our working hours are Monday–Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm PST
If you have a question about anything, please contact us.

Give the customer your contact info

Remember the customer is calling our phone number, not yours. Make sure to provide a different number for continued communication.

You will hear a whisper message when you pick up the phone

When you hear "This is a new lead from [website name]" the lead will be from us.

Phone calls will be tracked and recorded

This is only so we can tell which calls come to each website. We don't do anything with the information or listen to calls, unless necessary, for arbitration.

Call volume will fluctuate based on seasonal service demands

This is expected and outside of our control. In addition, Google may have algorithm updates that temporarily affect call volume.

Remind customers that you work with us

We recommend not mentioning your business name at first because they will get confused. If they ask, kindly inform them that you are our partner.

Customers will transact with you directly, we are not involved

From this point on, we will never speak to customers; they will be communicating with and paying you directly.

You may get marketing calls from Angi, Yelp, etc.

You may get occasional calls from Angi, Yelp, etc. as they call businesses constantly. Simply tell them you're not interested and they will stop.

You'll receive notifications for missed calls, texts, and voicemails

We'll send you emails for missed calls, texts, and voicemails from our service CallRrail. DO NOT reply to those emails—take the customer's info and contact them directly.

Etiquette and tips to closing the deal

Answering the phone will be the #1 factor in driving your close rate

Customers rarely leave voicemails, and will go to a competitor before they leave a voicemail. 78% of prospects convert with the first party to make contact.

Follow up, follow up, follow up

Following up quickly by phone, to forms, or missed calls will lead to a higher conversion rate. If they don't answer, leave a VM, text, or email. Don't get discouraged, be consistent.

Be friendly, polite, and give value

Try to find out about their pain points, and describe why you can provide value in solving their pain point. Don't just give them a price and expect them to accept it. Educate and justify the pricing for them.

40% of leads convert with long term follow up

It's not uncommon that leads won't close on the first call. Contacting them again will increase your chances of closing a prospect by 87%.

Refer a friend and get $500.

Tell your colleagues about us and for every referral that becomes our client, you'll get $500. There's no limit to the number of clients you refer!

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Want to expand into other cities?

We’re here to help you succeed. If you want to grow your business and get customers from surrounding cities, let us know and we can start the conversation.

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